Honoring Valor and Integrity

Making a transition from active military to civilian life can be challenging. American Legion Post 137 in Jacksonville provides a range of social supports and employment services that make reintegrating into the community simpler. Nothing is more important to us than giving back to those that serve.


We are committed to empowering men and women from our armed forces, acting as their champion and making sure their dreams of a fruitful life come true.

American Legion Post 137 Lakeshore

Commander - Jeff Ward

1st Vice -  Binon Williams

2nd Vice - Cristel Ward

3rd Vice -  Kevin Heister

4th Vice - Daryl Seabridge

Adjutant - Ron Reeves

Chaplin - 

Finance Officer - Phil Lindros

Judge Advocate - 

Sgt at Arms - Stephen Vierra

Sgt at Arms - Bret Trent

Historian - 

Executive Officer - Ron Brannen

Executive Officer - Emory Austin

Executive Officer - Keith Shey

Executive Officer - Patricia Patrick

Executive Officer - Charlie York

Service Officer - Richard Lane


Please stay safe!  Thank you!

WE ARE OPEN Monday - Saturday 11:00 AM -12:00 AM

Sunday 8:00 AM to 10:30 PM